APSA Short Course on State Constitutional Conventions

This looks interesting. Jim Snider writes about a short course he’s organized, “A Political Primer on the Periodic State Constitutional Convention Referendum,” which will take place from 2 pm to 6 pm on Wednesday, August 31, in Room 202B at the Philadelphia Convention Center. The APSA’s description of it is here.

Jim writes: “Three of the eight presenters, Sandy Levinson, John Dinan, and Richard Briffault, are law professors (albeit in Dinan’s case with more of a focus on politics than law).  Levinson will make opening comments arguing that the upcoming New York Constitutional Convention Referendum in New York could be the most important election of 2017.  Dinan will present a brief overview of America’s state constitutional convention tradition.  And Briffault, as Vice Chair of Citizens Union, will speak about why that organization is leading the campaign for a yes vote on that referendum. (In contrast, I’m expecting Craig Holman from Public Citizen to take a more critical view.)”


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