“Adelman provides a necessary safety net for voters”

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel editorial:

Wisconsin’s voter ID law was a mistake from the start; a political talking point dressed up as policy, aiming to fix a problem that doesn’t exist. And although the law isn’t particularly onerous for most people, there are some for whom obtaining the necessary ID is substantially difficult. So difficult that some won’t — or won’t be able to — go through the hassle of getting one.

On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman threw those people a lifeline, or “safety net,” as he called it. Adelman issued a preliminary ruling allowing Wisconsin voters without photo identification to cast ballots by swearing to their identity. Good for Adelman; allowing people to use affidavits to vote opens the ballot door to those who otherwise might not cast a ballot.

Attorney General Brad Schimel said the ruling was disappointing but did not say whether the state would appeal it. It shouldn’t. Government should be encouraging more people to vote, not placing limits on those who legitimately can.

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