Wice on 2020 Census Residence Criteria

Jeff Wice writes at New York Election News:

Of major importance is a change to the way prison population are reported. After the 2010 census, New York, Maryland  and Delaware enacted laws to reassign prisoner populations to “homes of record” before incarceration (Delaware delayed implementation until 2020). California now plans to reassign prisoners after 2020.

Today’s proposed rules  represent a major step forward to assist states with prisoner reassignments for redistricting

Update:  Demos and Prison Policy Initiative have this statement on the Census proposal, which begins:

Our organizations, and hundreds of allies around the country, are profoundly disappointed by the Census Bureau proposal to again count nearly 2 million people in the wrong place on Census day. Continuing this outdated practice will ensure an inaccurate 2020 Census and another decade of prison gerrymandering.


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