“New questions emerge about Bentley’s Vegas trip, Republican Governors Association’s influence”


The Republican Governors Association (RGA) has given Gov. Robert Bentley far more money than any other governor since Bentley and his former adviser and alleged mistress Rebekah Mason attended RGA’s annual conference in Las Vegas in November.

The RGA made a one-time payment of over $11,000 to Bentley on March 14, three months after it doled out travel reimbursements of no more than $1,307 to six other Republican governors, IRS records show.

None of the nation’s other 24 Republican governors have received travel reimbursements from the RGA since the November event, according to the IRS documents.

And while the RGA reimbursed six of his colleagues’ travel by making the payments to employees of their state offices, the Bentley payment was made to his campaign committee, despite the fact that he cannot run for governor again.

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