“Traffic accident leads to voting snarl”

Cincinnati Enquirer:

Ohio’s primary went smoothly most of the day Tuesday, but a late wrinkle in southwest Ohio caused some last-minute chaos.

A federal judge ordered polls in four southwest Ohio counties to stay open an extra hour because of a major traffic accident on I-275, which shut down the highway and stranded thousands of motorists for much of the early evening. The problem, elections officials say, is that the order came after polls already had closed at 7:30 p.m.

U,S. District Judge Susan Dlott called Secretary of State Jon Husted about her concerns shortly after 7:30 and then issued her written order to keep the polls open at 8:13 p.m….

Overall, voting went smoothly throughout most of the day, though voters at a Cleveland polling place got a scare when a man pulled a gun from his backpack after arguing with a fellow poll worker. The man ran away and no one was hurt. He was arrested a short time later.

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