“Department of Justice disowns EAC director’s move on proof of citizenship for voters”

Zack Roth:

Also in the filing, Newby said in a sworn deposition that he decided to change the form after receiving a list of non-citizens who had “recently” registered to vote in Kansas. The list was sent by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who was requesting the change. Newby said in the deposition that after receiving the list from Kobach, “I began developing a point of view that previous decisions by the EAC might have been wrong.”

In fact, the list, from Kansas’ Sedgwick County, showed that seven non-citizens registered in the decade before the state’s proof of citizenship law went into effect in 2013. And it showed that 11 non-citizens had been stopped from registering since then, though it’s unclear whether the law was responsible. Meanwhile, voting rights groups have said over 40,000 registrations have been thrown out or suspended because of the law.


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