“Change At Federal Election Agency Muddles Kansas Voter Registration Laws”

NPR’s Pam Fessler on the confusion at the EAC:

For his part, Newby told NPR that he believes it’s within his power to make changes to the instructions that accompany the federal voter registration form, in response to a state’s request. But he said that “any interested party” can ask the commission to review his decision.

“The decision isn’t final,” he said. “This started a process.”

That process is likely to continue for months, far past the state’s March 5 primary.

Kobach’s push to require proof of citizenship is part of a larger, national fight over adding new voting restrictions, in what sponsors claim is an effort to prevent voter fraud. Opponents say it’s an effort to suppress voting rights.

Among the many questions still to be answered: What, if anything, will the full commission do? What will happen with the legal battle? (Kobach says he’ll continue to fight) And perhaps most important, if you’re a resident of Kansas who registers to vote using the federal form, and who doesn’t show proof of citizenship, will your vote be counted in state and local elections, or not?


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