“Blagojevich asks high court to hear corruption case appeal”

AP reports.  If anyone has the cert. petition please pass it along and I will post.

Update: Here is the cert petition.  Here are the questions presented:

1. Whether, in a case involving solicitation of campaign contributions, Evans v. United States, 504 U.S. 255 (1992), modified the holding of McCormick v. United States, 500 U.S. 257, 273 (1991), that an “explicit promise or undertaking” by a public official to perform or not to perform an official act is required to prove extortion under color of official right (and by extension bribery and honest services fraud), and, if so, what is the standard for distinguishing lawful attempts to obtain campaign contributions from criminal violations. 2. Whether the lower court, based on confusion about the first question presented, erred in barring a valid good faith defense to the specific intent crimes of extortion under color of official right, bribery and honest services fraud.

If the Court takes the Gov. McDonnell case (and there’s a good chance it does, given its earlier unusual bail ruling), does it hold the Blago case pending that disposition?  That certainly could happen.

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