“Fair Elections Act blamed for confusion at polls”

Globe and Mail:

Voters in ridings across Canada reported confusion at the ballot box on Monday, with many attributing the issues to the Fair Elections Act, a controversial bill that ushered in many changes to the electoral process, from campaign finance to voter identification.

“Canadians shouldn’t have to be experts in electoral law to cast a ballot,” said Josh Paterson, the executive director of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association.

The group intervened in an ongoing case against the bill that sought to have its provisions suspended for this election. That argument was turned down in July, but a full court challenge will be heard after the voting.

“We’re stuck with it for today, and hoping to get changes for next time around,” said Mr. Paterson, who himself was asked for unnecessary ID when he voted at the advance polls.

The bill was criticized for raising limits on campaign spending, prohibiting Elections Canada from mobilizing voters and tightening voter-identification requirements. Critics said aboriginals, students and homeless voters were likely to face increased difficulties in casting a ballot as a result.

It’s the Canadian Voting Wars, ay?



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