TX Redistricting Plaintiffs Try to Prod Dilatory Three-Judge Court

The Texas redistricting case has been pending before a three-judge court in San Antonio for a long time. The case was filed in May 2011.  Supplemental briefs had been ordered, and filed, and…. nothing.

So now the plaintiffs have filed papers demanding a preliminary injunction if there is not a decision soon.  Maybe that gets the court moving.  Who knows? Here’s the introduction:

In the event the Court has not issued a decision on the merits by the time the 2016 election cycle commences, the parties filing this motion—LULAC plaintiffs, NAACP plaintiffs, Perez plaintiffs, Quesada plaintiffs, and Rodriguez plaintiffs—urge the Court to grant them a prelimi-nary injunction, barring implementation of the 2013 House and Congress redistricting plans for the 2016 election cycle.

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