“Legal challenge to N.C. voter ID law could be settled, documents say”


But there may be room for compromise, according to a joint status report that plaintiffs filed Monday. In the report, they said “Plaintiffs’ pending photo ID claims may be able to be resolved through discussion and negotiations with Defendants.”

“To that end, Plaintiffs are finalizing a proposed consent decree to address certain of Plaintiffs’ continuing concerns,” according to the plaintiffs’ status report.

Defendants still contend, however, that Schroeder should dismiss the legal challenge on the photo ID requirement in light of the changes. They argue that the decision by the 5th Circuit for the U.S. Court of Appeals on Texas’ Voter ID law indicated the same kind of remedy that state Republicans made in North Carolina’s photo ID requirement. Plaintiffs contend that the 5th Circuit did not decide what the proper remedy would be and left that for a lower federal court to determine.

This would affect only the voter id aspect of only the federal case. That still leaves the VRA challenges to other North Carolina voting changes (currently in the hands of the federal district judge) and a separate state trial on voter id.

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