“Ruth: Vote, then pray your ballot is counted”

Daniel Ruth in the Tampa Bay Times on FL SOS Ken Detzner:

Ken Detzner has other things to do, like protecting the state seal to make sure it doesn’t get lost, fall into a mayo jar, or wind up on Jameis Winston’s mantle. But it’s the election stuff that is the primary item on Detzner’s agenda — when he gets around to it.

Yet on Detzner’s watch, voting in Florida has become an abacus adventure as the secretary of state has plotted against voters by engaging in a sloppy, ham-handed purge of voting rolls. Detzner also opposed the use of remote dropoff points for mailed ballots.

But Detzner was just getting warmed up before vigorously opposing online voter registration, which already has been successfully implemented in many other states. He fretted that online registration would unleash the “forces of evil” upon the electoral process. And he might have had a point. Once you allow people to register to vote online, the next thing you know people will start registering to vote online.

Where does it end?

MORE from Doug Chapin.

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