Rep. Brown Likely to Sue Over FL Redistricting

Marc Caputo in Florida Playbook:

Rep. Corrine Brown will likely sue, arguing a newly drawn seat could disenfranchise minorities entitled to Voting Rights Act protections. The ironies and deal-cutting complexities of redistricting are summed up in the appearance and drafting of her Jacksonville-to-Orlando seat. It’s designed to snake and slalom to scoop up black voters (good for the black Democrat) and thereby “bleach” the other bordering districts (good for the white Republican districts that surround hers).

As I told the NY Times:

“If they don’t take minority interests enough into account, it could violate the Voting Rights Act, and if they pack minority voters into too few districts, it could create an unconstitutional racial gerrymander,” he said, referring to pending cases making that claim in Virginia and North Carolina.

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