Nate Persily to Join “The Law of Democracy” Casebook

It's been nearly twenty years since Pam Karlan, Sam Issacharoff, and I published the first edition of “The Law of Democracy” casebook.  In all those years, we have not added another co-author to the book, which is now in its Fourth Edition.  We are therefore particularly pleased to announce that for the next edition, which we are at work on now, Professor Nate Persily, the James B. McClatchy Professor of Law at Stanford Law School, will become a co-author of “The Law of Democracy.”  Nate, who recently served as the Senior Research Director for the Presidential Commission on Election Administration, is well-known to readers of this blog.  From now on, all errors in the casebook can be attributed to Nate.

We will have the 2015 Supplement available in the next week or so.  The Supplement will address the big three “law of democracy” cases this Term:  The Arizona redistricting commission decision, the Alabama racial redistricting cases, and the Court's campaign-finance decision concerning judicial elections.  In addition, the Supplement will provide updated perspective on developments over the last year in voting-rights and campaign-finance litigation and legislation throughout the country.