Once Again, Justice Ginsburg Not Only Corrects Small Error in Opinion But Announces It

On Monday, I noted a small error in Justice Ginsburg’s AZ redistricting commission that a reader pointed out to me. When a similar thing happened with the Texas voter id case, Justice Ginsburg promptly corrected the error and announced it, something which is quite rare and worthy of praise (as I noted in this oped for the National Law Journal).

Now, from the Court’s public information office:

RE: 13-1314 — Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission


For your information, Justice Ginsburg has amended the opinion of the Court in the above case, released on Monday, June 29.  Page 8 of the opinion contained an error.  Redistricting plans adopted by the California Redistricting Commission may be, but are not necessarily, subject to public referendum.  Accordingly, the Justice revised the sentence discussing the California Redistricting Commission to read:  “The California Redistricting Commission, established by popular initiative, develops redistricting plans which can be halted by public referendum.”  The version of the opinion on the Court’s website has been updated.


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