“New Voting Rights Litigation Summary from CLC Shows Growing Voter Dilution and Suppression Efforts Since Supreme Court’s Shelby County Decision”


Over the past few years, efforts to dilute and suppress minority voting rights or to restrict the vote for partisan gain have spiked dramatically.  Racially-discriminatory voting laws have been passed in states and municipalities across the country, particularly in jurisdictions that no longer have to comply with a key provision of the Voting Rights Act as a result of the Supreme Court’s decision two years ago in Shelby County v. Holder.  Jurisdictions have also passed election restrictions designed to benefit one party over the other, often under the guise of improving already-efficient election procedures and preventing non-existent voter-fraud.  The Campaign Legal Center has filed suit to challenge a number of those laws and participated in other cases across the country.

The Legal Center has released an updated summary [corrected link] of that litigation to facilitate the tracking of those cases.  The summary includes a number of the most prominent post-Shelby cases, though more are out there.


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