“Republican Support For Automatic Voter Registration Is Way Lower Than It Used To Be”

Ariel Edwards-Levy for HuffPo:

Back in March, 53 percent of Republicans supported their state introducing a law like Oregon’s. Today, just 38 percent are in favor of automatically registering citizens who are eligible to vote.

The two polls aren’t exactly identical. The earlier survey asked about a state-level proposal rather than a national one. It also introduced a further qualifier on how citizens would be registered — that is, through the DMV, rather than universally.

But there’s an even more direct way of measuring the degree to which support for the idea has eroded among Republican voters. While half of those polled were asked simply whether they favored or opposed automatic registration, the rest were first told that the idea had been recently proposed by Clinton. Among that group, GOP support dropped an additional 10 points to just 28 percent…

About a quarter of Americans also say they’d like to see their state expand early voting, while 37 percent say their state’s policies are about right. Only 9 percent want to see early voting reduced.

More broadly, a majority of the public — 61 percent — say that low voter turnout is at least a moderate problem. Many, though, aren’t sure it’s the government’s problem to fix. Forty-six percent of people say the government is already doing enough to make sure that everyone who wants to vote in elections is able to, while 32 percent say it isn’t. Democrats say by a 24-point margin that the government doesn’t do enough, while Republicans say by a 55-point margin that it does.

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