Fiorina Against Automatic Voter Registration

Ben Jacobs in The Guardian:

She was certainly hostile to Clinton’s most recent policy proposal, which called for automatic voter registration of every eligible American. “I don’t think it’s a good idea unless there are some safeguards on who is registering,” said Fiorina. The former tech company CEO added: “We know, for example, in a state like New Hampshire, people drive across the border from Massachusetts, register the same day and vote and then drive back home to Massachusetts. We know that goes on.” (One Massachusetts resident was prosecuted in 2014 for voting in two New Hampshire Democratic presidential primaries. A state prosecutor at the time told Reuters he was unaware of any other similar case of voter fraud in the Granite State.)

Fiorina then went on to harangue Clinton for accusing the GOP of “trying to disenfranchise poor people and minorities”. She argued: “If it’s such a commonsense proposal why was it accompanied by such vitriol?”


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