Voting Rights in the U.S. Virgin Islands

I received an e-mail from Andrew C. Simpson, a lawyer representing white and Latino voters who are challenging at-large voting in the Virgin Islands legislature under the Voting Rights Act. According to this website, “The lawsuit alleges that the system of electing senators to the Virgin Islands legislature using multi-member, at-large districts is a violation of the Voting Rights Act. The plaintiffs, representatives of Latino and white minorities in the Territory, claim that this system prevents them from electing a candidate who represents the interests of minority groups in the Virgin Islands. The plaintiffs seek a court order creating geographic districts for the election of the 14 senators who are elected from multi-member districts. If such a system is adopted, every voter in the Territory, regardless of race or ethnicity, will have a representative who is answerable to him or her and the other voters in the same geographic district.”

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