Goodbye Sitemeter

For a number of years, I have been using Sitemeter to keep track of visitors to the page. I now have Google Analytics too, but what was nice about Sitemeter is that I could see the domains (not the individual IP addresses) of visitors. For example, I know that people from the Supreme Court read the blog from time to time (could be anyone there), as well as many other government officials (from the Executive Office of the President, Senate, House, state governments), educational institutions, and many other places.  It also lets me see where the traffic comes from, which often leads me to interesting other stories. [Update, a reader on Twitter showed me how I can access some of the information about domains I was looking for.]

The problem is that Sitemeter has been bought by a company that puts adware on computers, and it is redirecting people to the wrong sites and slowing things down. So, as others have done, it is time to day good-bye. Before I go, here are some statistics running from some time in the mid-2000s: about 2.8 million individual visits and 4.8 million page views. That’s chump change for a large website, but for a niche site like mine, I’m pretty happy (especially given the 1,000+ people on the election law listserv who get full text posts each day and need not visit the blog itself.)

So, keep on reading, folks, even if I won’t know where you are coming from anymore!

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 4.42.03 PM



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