Here’s a New Vote Buying Scheme: “Get Out of Hell Free” Cards (Israel elections)

Failed Messiah:

The Shas Party is promising voters who vote for Shas “a pidyon hanefesh” (redemption of their soul; essentially a “get out of hell free” card) to be given by top Shas Party rabbis in exchange for the voter’s vote for Shas. That ad reportedly features the slogan, “those who choose Shas go straight to heaven.” This ad was ruled to be illegal – no surprise because similar Shas Party ads and promises have been ruled illegal in previous elections. But because the penalty for cheating is so small, Shas keeps breaking the law with near impunity. Shas reportedly expressed “sorrow” over the the CEC’s ruling against the ad and said that “kissing mezuzahs and wearing amulets is an integral part of the tradition of most Israeli citizens…we are proud of our traditions and reject suppression and incitement.” This despite the fact that amulets given in exchange for voting for a political party have repeatedly over many years been ruled to be illegal.


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