North Carolina Seeks Supreme Court Review in Voting Case

Regular ELB readers will recall that there is a major voting rights lawsuit against the State of North Carolina for controversial changes in voting rules passed by the Republican-dominated state legislature last year.  Plaintiffs sought a preliminary injunction to block some of the provisions, which the trial court denied. The 4th Circuit, however, on a 2-1 vote, partially granted a preliminary injunction as to two aspects of the law. The Supreme Court then blocked the 4th Circuit’s order.

That Supreme Court order was not a final ruling, and now the state of North Carolina has filed a petition for cert. seeking Supreme Court review in the case. There’s a pretty good chance that the Court grants review here, although it is possible that the Court takes a pass, given that there will be a trial on the merits this summer, followed by a likely appeal, meaning the full case on the merits could be before the Court before the 2016 elections.

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