“Senate Rules Panel Fails to Vote on EAC; Long-Pending Nominees Remain in Limbo”

Bloomberg BNA:

 The Senate Rules and Administration Committee called off Nov. 20 a vote on long-awaited nominees to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, a small federal agency providing help to state and local voting officials that has had no commissioners serving since 2011.

A committee meeting set to be held in an ornate room off the Senate floor was canceled after aides waited about 20 minutes for a quorum of at least 10 Rules Committee members to assemble….

The Rules Committee already has approved two Democratic EAC nominees, Thomas Hicks and Myrna Perez. However, Perez’s nomination was withdrawn Nov. 19 and a new Democratic nominee, Matthew Butler, was announced.
That development could further complicate Senate confirmation of all the EAC nominees, as the Rules Committee has just begun to examine Butler’s qualifications for the commission post, according to committee staffers.

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