We Get Letters

This one made me chuckle (apparently my Slate piece on Justice Ginsburg’s dissent in TX voter id case was reprinted in the Oregonian):


Before me there lays a 2010 photo of R. B. Ginsburg at Slate with the top of her head cropped off. There is also a photo of you. Noting the eerie resemblance between you and Ginsburg, it occurred to me that you could be the offspring of Ms. Ginsburg and Bill Gates. I suppose it would take discovery (interrogatories, depositions, request for document production) in order to discover the truth.

Assuming arguendo that a voter ID bill/act contained the provision that Repblicans could not vote within one or more states in a state controlled by Democrats (the party of slavery, Jim Crow, and fighting 19th century abolition of slavery). I’ll safely assume your biased take on the position of voter ID would be subsantially altered and that it would be legal to preclude Republicans from casting votes as permitted by the US Constitution.

A majority of non-Democrats believe Democrats vote many more times than the lawful one time – particularly in Democrat strongholds and precincts. Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and other states were captured by Democrat candidates in 2008 and 2012 by voter irregularities. Of course, with a DOJ headed by Eric Holder, those irregularities were swept aside.

Well, look, toying with someone who declines to leave his email address with the liberalista Oregonian is no fun. It’s obvious to me that you prefer to avoid strong debate and contrary opinions from among your UC Irvine Anteater students, the visual media, and your departure from trial law to be an advocate for liberals, communists, kakistocrats, statists, etc.

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