ACLU Flags Judge Easterbrook’s Factual Inaccuracies in Horrendous WI Voter ID Decision

Press release about Judge Easterbrook’s terrible analysis:

The motion filed today also notes factual inaccuracies in the appeals panel’s ruling, including:
  • “The Seventh Circuit also could not fathom that so many registered Wisconsin voters lack a photo ID ‘in a world in which photo ID is essential to board an airplane, . . . pick up a prescription at a pharmacy, open a bank account or cash a check at a currency exchange, buy a gun, or enter a courthouse to serve as a juror or watch the argument of this appeal.’ Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong again. Wisconsin fliers, patients, bank customers, gun owners, and court watchers do not need photo IDs. Only Wisconsin voters.”
  • “The panel inexplicably stated that key voter witnesses ‘did not testify that they had tried to get [a copy of their birth certificate], let alone that they had tried but failed.’ But numerous witnesses testified that they tried and failed to get a birth certificate so they could get a voter ID.”
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