Ah, Wisconsin Politics

The following two items just arrived in my email inbox at the same time.

Stuart Taylor, Whistleblower mulling libel suit against Milwaukee newspaper over ‘death threat’ claim (“The whistleblower who has accused Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm of privately expressing “hyperpartisan” political and personal bias against Gov. Scott Walker is now considering a libel suit against Wisconsin’s largest circulation newspaper.”)

Brendan Fischer, WI Attorney General’s Latest Attack on Transparency Reeks of Partisanship (“Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen’s refusal to defend the Government Accountability Board in a federal lawsuit challenging the investigation into Governor Scott Walker and his allies is a reversal of his office’s earlier position, could have grave implications for openness in the state, and undermines the GAB’s role in enforcing the state’s campaign finance laws. It isn’t the first time that Van Hollen has put politics above government transparency.”).

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