North Carolina Asks Chief Justice Roberts for Interim Immediate Stay in Voting Case

This morning I reported on an injunction just issued by the federal district court in the North Carolina voting case. The injunction was issued while the Supreme Court considers a stay of the 4th Circuit’s order.

Well the state of North Carolina is not happy that the plaintiffs asked for this immediate injunction. They have filed this letter, asking the Chief Justice to impose an immediate stay while the Court considers what to do with the stay request (response due Sunday at 5). They now want the stay to apply not just to the 4th Circuit’s order but to the new district court injunction.

You can read my earlier analysis of NC’s stay request, which I think has a pretty good chance of being granted. An interim order from the Chief Justice could come today, although with it already being Friday afternoon on the East Coast perhaps this is not really necessary, especially because the district court has put implementation of the new injunction on the slow track.

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