Why Have Elites Reacted Differently to Treatment of Gov. Perry and Gov. Cuomo Investigations?

Bob Bauer offers his thoughts:

One such factor may be suspicions about an officeholder’s motives in setting up a Commission and then disbanding it when it appeared to some that it was performing well and had more work to do.  And this suspicion is heightened against a background of concerns about endemic corruption in New York State politics.  Governor Perry is helped by the assumption that Texas politics is brass-knuckled and partisan, but with the DeLay case in the background, there is also a tendency, rightly or wrongly, to believe that this partisanship has seeped into the criminal justice system.  In one state, the expectation is nasty politics, which, it is believed, should be kept out of the criminal justice system; and in the other, the fear is corrupt politics and the response is ardent support for aggressive criminal enforcement.

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