“Wisconsin asks court to OK voter ID for 2014 election”

Josh Gerstein:

The State of Wisconsin is asking a federal appeals court to allow Wisconsin’s voter identification law to be enforced during this fall’s general election.

In a filing Tuesday with the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, lawyers for the state ask that a federal district court judge’s injunction blocking the law on grounds that it would racially discriminatory be lifted until the state’s appeal of that decision can be resolved.

WORTH NOTING: The state of Wisconsin on page 13 of its motion says that voter fraud is “real” in Wisconsin citing the same evidence as the Wisconsin Supreme Court did: evidence that a Scott Walker supporter allegedly committed 13 acts of fraud, at least 12 of which would not be stopped by a voter id law.  See my earlier post: Irony Dept: Only Evidence of Voter Fraud Cited by WI Supreme Court Involves Scott Walker Supporter Committing Fraud ID Law Would Not Prevent.

The next question to arise is whether Judge Posner will recuse if and when the matter gets to him, given the controversy about what he’s said about voter id from his role in the earlier Crawford case.

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