Judge Kopf Responds to My Blog Post, Moving from Attacking Prof. Bainbridge to Attacking Me

He writes in the comments to his earlier blog post:

Go read the Pingback: “STFU” Judge Tells Professor Bainbridge: “FUCK” |

Of course, I said no such thing. I recommended that the professors read a law review article with the title of “Fuck.” It is a serious article published in a serious law review and written by a serious law professor. I do not understand why Professor Hasen wrote the intellectually dishonest post title. But then again his election blog is all about propaganda.


Really Judge Kopf? Any reasonable reader of your earlier blog post would see that your severe criticism of Prof. Bainbridge coupled with your suggestion that he read a law review article entitled “FUCK” is your way of saying that to Prof. Bainbridge—though perhaps a smidgen less direct than your earlier post telling the Supreme Court to “STFU.”

I think this is sad actually. I have never seen a federal judge so desperate for attention, and perhaps losing his competence. As I wrote in the last post, “it is time for the good judge to retire or stop blogging. I am worried about his judgment at this point, and I think he has demeaned his office.”

As for your claim that my blog is “all about propaganda,” I leave that to my readers to judge.

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