Bauer, Ginsberg in Interview on PCEA Give Different Takes on Voter Fraud Issue

USA Today:

Q: Do you think voter fraud is a big problem?

Bauer:It is not the problem it’s being made out to be. It does not justify the anti-fraud measures that a number of states, at least that’s what they’re calling them, have been implementing. Obviously Democrats, progressives, if you will, have some significant concern about what really lies behind this. Now, let me say clearly . . . nobody believes that we should have a system that permits widespread fraud to take place. Everybody understands that we need safeguards to ensure that voting is done with integrity and we can have confidence in the outcome of our elections.

. . . But having said that, there isn’t any evidence of widespread fraud, and there certainly isn’t the sort of evidence that would justify some of what we’re seeing in the legislative and political sphere today, which frankly – whether by design or just because it happens that way – results, in our view, in disqualifying voters that should be permitted to cast their ballots and participate in the democratic process.

Ginsberg: I think that there are examples of fraud, and when there are examples of fraud, if you want people to have faith in the system, and to give the appearance that it is a one-person, one-vote system, then some simple measures that are common in everyday life, like showing photo ID, is to me a useful step to take.

They also comment on the campaign finance system.

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