When Worlds Collide: Election Administration Edition

As previously noted, the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration is going to hear from Mr. Bauer and Mr. Ginsberg on Feb. 12 at 10 am about the recommendations of the Presidential Commission on Election Administration.

But now on Feb. 12 at 10:30 am the Rules Committee is going to move forward on the nominations of Tom Hicks and Myrna Perez for the EAC.

As I’ve noted, the Bauer-Ginsberg report is written as though the EAC is toast, and many Republicans who follow this issue on the Hill are adamantly opposed to a revived EAC. There are no Republican commissioners being nominated, and it takes 3 commissioners to take any action at the EAC.

So what’s up with moving the Hicks and Perez nomination forward?  They can now get through (if the majority leader is willing to burn enough hours) with the filibuster rule for these nominations gone.  Is that the end game?

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