ELB Vacation Quick Hits

Dan Balz writes on red state law and blue state law in the polarized states.

The Lawyers’ Committee (and Perkins Coie) bring suit against Arizona for the addition of two at-large seats in a community college district.

New York says SpeechNow.org is wrongly decided and wants to keep its contribution limits to independent expenditure committees.

Political Maryland writes on a campaign finance “loophole.”

Harold Simmons, the large donor connected with the “Swift Boat” ads, has passed away.

WSJ considers blurred lines when lobbyists invest in the industries they represent.

Marc Caputo describes public corruption in Miami-Dade, including quite a few election law activities.

The Concord Monitor editorializes in favor for 17-year-old primary voting.

 CPI gives a Harper’s-like Money-in-Politics Index for 2013.

NYT considers a socialist on the Seattle city council.

WaPo canvasses new state election laws.

AND former Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White loses his voter fraud appeal based upon ineffective assistance of counsel.

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