Secretary of State Project 2.0?

In The Voting Wars, I talk about a group called the “Secretary of State Project,” whose goal was to raise money to elect Democratic Secretaries of State to offices to fight Republicans in the battles over election administration.  The group received some money from George Soros, and it was demonized by the right—even after the group stopped functioning (a la ACORN). It may have been instrumental in helping get Jennifer Bruner elected SOS in Ohio.

But then the group disappeared.  I tried to get in touch with the group’s leaders in writing my book, but they never responded to my queries.

Now comes word from Aaron Blake of a new attempt along similar lines. From Aaron’s story, it does not appear this effort is linked to the earlier one.

But I expect the new group will be attacked and tied to the old group, even if there are no actual ties between the two organizations.

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