Status of the Bauer-Ginsberg Commission

Hey what’s up with the Bauer-Ginsberg commission?  Jonathan Bernstein raised the point yesterday: “Political junkies might recall that Obama got around to appointing a commission back in May to look into voting problems, but so far, a year after that 2012 election, nothing seems to have come of it.”

Here’s an update from Bob Bauer and Ben Ginsberg, the co-chairs:

“The Commission began its work in June and has since held four public hearings around the country and engaged in extensive fact-finding with the support of state and local election officials, experts in election administration  and scholars in the field. Its next public meetings occur over the coming three weeks, with the last one to take place in early December. The Commission will make its report to the President early in January of next year.
The Commission’s hearing and meeting schedule, videos of its public hearings and links to the comments and materials received and consulted, may be viewed at the Commission’s website at www.supportthevoter. gov.”
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