Exciting Addition to the Election Law Blog

As longtime blog readers know, I’ve had two regular guest bloggers when I’ve been away, Dan Tokaji and Justin Levitt. In addition, I’ve had some semi-regular to infrequent other guest bloggers Heather Gerken, Nate Persily, and Rick Pildes.

I hope and expect that Dan and Justin will continue to serve as guest bloggers when I’m away, but it seems to me that the blog would benefit from more regular contributors in an effort to offer a wide variety of perspectives and knowledge. So I have asked my five former “guest bloggers” to take on the title of “Contributors” in the hopes that they will more frequently use the blog to comment on important or interesting election law topics. These contributors are among the most important scholars writing in election law and related fields today.

I have also brought in five more outstanding contributors, with expertise in election law, legislation and statutory interpretation, and political science.

Sam Bagenstos
Bruce Cain
Abbe Gluck
Anita Krishnakumar
Spencer Overton

It will take a while to get the mechanics going to have the new contributors post, and even then blog posts may be infrequent from some contributors. Only time will tell if ELB seems more like a group blog or not on issues of the day. But I’m excited to start this experiment, and I hope you will find even more worthwhile to read in the months and years to come. I look forward to your feedback on this latest experiment.

I am so grateful to each of the Contributors for agreeing to participate. And I am grateful to my readers who make this blog so worth doing.

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