Supreme Court Announces “No Cuts” Policy, Wristband Policy Modeled after Springsteen Concerts

In the wake of mischief on long lines at the Supreme Court in the gay marriage cases, including people such as Rob Reiner paying up to $6,000 to other people to stand in line to hold a place for Supreme Court oral argument, and reports that lawyers on the Supreme Court bar line not only paid line standers but brought their friends to cut in line in front of others who had waited all night for a seat at the oral argument in the DOMA case, the following press release was issued:

Chief Justice Roberts declared “Enough is Enough” and announced two new policies for high profile cases at the Supreme Court.

1. For members of the Supreme Court bar, the Court is adopting Rule 49.  Rule 49 is  the new “no cutsies” rule. Cuts are not allowed.  Anyone who cuts in line on the Supreme Court bar line will be sent to the Chief Justice’s office by the Supreme Court police for a stern talking-to. Parents of  line cutters may be called.

2. For others coming to line, under new Rule 50 Supreme Court police will distribute wristbands the evening before oral argument generally following procedures for the distribution of Bruce Springsteen floor admission.. The most junior Justice will choose a number by lot for the start of the lottery.  The first 50 people beginning with the chosen number will be allowed into the new “pit area” for Supreme Court oral arguments.  “I may be the boss of the Supreme Court, but sometimes we all have to learn something from ‘The Boss,'” the Chief Justice said.

The Court does not plan on changing its policy barring the use of cameras at argument.

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