Leading Election Lawyers Issue Major Statement Declaring a Truce in The Voting Wars

Attorneys representing Democrats and Republicans have issued a joint statement about the urgent need for the parties to come together to support a bipartisan package of election reform to be introduced in Congress.  An excerpt:

The time for demagoguery of this issue is over. Our democracy is too precious to trust to a broken and partisan election system. No longer should party officials preside over federal elections. Our system should be run by trained professionals with allegiance to the fairness of the electoral process and not to any party or candidate.

The time has come for Republicans to admit that the problem of voter fraud, while real, has been exaggerated for partisan gain.  Voter id laws will do little to stop real fraud and constraints on absentee balloting will be the first step to address real problems of fraud.

The time has come for Democrats to admit that not all Republican concerns about election integrity amount to an effort at voter suppression. Noncitizen voting, for example,  is a small problem, but a real one.

A national voter identification program, coupled with voluntary universal voter registration conducted by the federal government can solve problems with voter fraud and insure the right of all eligible Americans to vote. The system of state sovereignty and federalism must be protected, but it must give way only to the extent necessary to assure that all eligible voters, but only eligible voters will cast a vote which can be counted.

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