New Listserv Dedicated to the Field of “Legislation”

Following the success of the Election Law listserv (which I co-manage with Dan Lowenstein and which has over 600 members, including legal academics, political scientists, government officials, election attorneys and administrators, journalists and others), I am beginning a listserv on the topic of Legislation. To sign up, point your web browsers here and choose the option for subscribing. The same page has instructions for unsubscribing.
Here is a brief description:

    The LEGISLATION list is an Internet Listserv residing at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. This list is for general discussion of substantive and pedagogical issues related to legislation, including statutory interpretation, lobbying, political bribery, and issues of representative structures. The group is a private one, which consists primarily of academics who teach courses or write about questions related to these subjects. Legal and political practitioners also may join, subject to the approval of the list manager.
    In addition to general issue relating to the subject matter, the list is intended to serve as a place where subscribers can discuss ideas they have for scholarship, works in progress, and problems they are encountering in teaching and conducting research. Members also are encouraged to share information about new books or articles and new judicial, legislative and administrative developments related to the topic of legislation

Postings to the list are not private, and archives are accessible to journalists and others. However, the list requires that journalists ask the permission of a post’s author before quoting directly from that post.
As of now, this list is not the official list of the AALS Section on Legislation. Some of the features of the Legislation listserv (e.g., public archives and allowing non-law teachers to participate) are not consistent with current AALS policy, though AALS is taking up the question whether or not to allow the list to serve as the official list of the section.
Please direct any questions to me at And please feel free to forward to interested people.

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