AEI-Brookings Election Reform Project; Kickoff Event with Sen. Obama

AEI and Brookings have teamed for a new election reform project. Among the project’s goals are to:

    Establish links among voting research projects, synthesize findings, and make findings accessible to the broad policy community
    Ensure that research and policy recommendations are fed into the policy process in a timely and productive fashion
    Assemble a working group of experts to think through the substance and politics of a practical policy agenda
    Develop a bipartisan, practical national policy agenda for election reform and monitor the implementation of HAVA and its proposed amendments

See also this press release.
The Center has set up what looks to be a very useful website. The kickoff event (details here) will feature a keynote address by Senator Barack Obama, and two panels (I’ll be on the second panel).
This project should be very useful in bringing together academics and policymakers who are serious about real election reform.

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