“Law and Election Politics The Rules of the Game, 2nd Edition”

I just received my copy of this important new book edited by Matt Streb in the mail.  Here’s my blurb about it from the back cover:

“Streb has assembled a volume which needs to be on the bookshelf of everyone who studies the intersection of law and electoral politics. The completely fresh second edition of Law and Election Politics consistently provides insight and wisdom from some of the brightest minds working in election law, on issues ranging from political parties to voter identification laws to judicial elections to direct democracy. Professors, graduate students, and undergraduates will all learn a great deal.”

—Richard L. Hasen, University of California, Irvine

Here’s the table of contents:

Introduction: Linking Election Law and Electoral Politics, Matthew J. Streb. 1: Campaign Finance Law—The Changing Role of Parties and Interest Groups, Michael M. Franz. 2: Public Financing of Elections—Past, Present, Future, Peter L. Francia. 3: The Internet— The Promise of Democratization of American Politics, Lee E. Goodman. 4: Voting Machines—The Question of Equal Protection, Thad Hall and Lucy Williams. 5: Voter Identification Laws—The Controversy over Voter Fraud, Lorraine C. Minnite. 6: Early Voting: The Quiet Revolution in American Elections, Paul Gronke. 7: Recounts—Elections in Overtime, Edward B. Foley. 8: Direct Democracy—Regulating the “Will of the People,” Daniel A. Smith. 9: Political Parties and Primaries—The Tension between Free Association and the Right to Vote, Kristin Kanthak and Eric Loepp. 10: Third Parties—How American Election Law and Institutions Cripple Third Parties, Marjorie Randon Hershey. 11: Redistricting—Racial and Partisan Issues Past and Present, Charles S. Bullock III. 12: Judicial Elections—Just Like Any Other Election, Matthew J. Streb


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