“Two witnesses say Edwards did not have to report $900k”

The latest: “Two witnesses with a wealth of knowledge about campaign finance laws testified in the John Edwards trial Monday that the $900,000 at the heart of the case went to personal expenses for the candidate – and therefore should not be subject to public reporting or campaign finance caps. The jury heard from one of the witnesses – a former Edwards campaign treasurer. But the other, a former Federal Election Commission chairman, testified outside the presence of the jury. The judge limited what he can say if he’s called to the stand later in front of jurors…Judge Catherine Eagles dealt the defense a blow Monday when she severely restricted what Scott Thomas, a former Federal Election Commission chairman, could talk about if he faces the jury. Thomas, who put in 37 years with the government agency that oversees campaign finance compliance and the issues related to it, took the stand Monday after the judge sent the jury home for the day. In a legal proceeding that must take place outside the jury’s presence, Thomas offered a glimpse of what he might say if called to testify. ‘These are intensely personal by their very nature,’ Thomas said of the $900,000 in payments used to support Hunter when she was pregnant with Edwards’ child, who is now 4.”

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