Congratulations to Howard Bashman…

whose indispensable “How Appealing” blog turns 10 today.  I owe a great intellectual debt to Howard. Back on September 29, 2003, I did a “20 Questions interview” [corrected link] with Will Baude for Crescat Sententia. Here’s question 1.

1: What made you decide to start blogging?

Back in January, I was talking about The Senate’s filibuster of judges with my Loyola Law School colleague, Kurt Lash. He told me I should check out the How Appealing blog. “What’s a blog?,” I asked. A month later I was blogging, realizing that there was a need for coverage of election law in the way that Howard Bashman covers appellate law. What is so wonderful about Howard is that he is comprehensive and fair. Although he has definite opinions, he never uses his blog to stifle or distort others’ points of view. To the contrary, it is a forum for exploring many different ideas. I have tried to emulate the “fair and balanced” Bashman (I hope he won’t get sued by Fox now!).

Thank you, Howard, for your indefatigable effort, fairness, and continued wisdom.


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