“Republicans, Democrats and Voter ID”

Warren Olney’s excellent “To the Point” show featured this segment.  I had hoped to be on, but I had a teaching conflict.  But a great line-up, and online resources.  See below:

Main Topic

Republicans, Democrats and Voter ID (12:07PM)

In 16 states, Repubican-dominated legislatures have tightened access to the polls. Pennsylvania’s become the ninth state to require voters to provide photo identification, and Virginia — another swing state — could be next. Republicans say they’re trying to combat rampant fraud in the electoral process. But Democrats and the Obama Justice Department say there’s little evidence of a problem. They insist that new voter ID laws are designed to make it harder for Democrats to cast their ballots, including minorities and especially Hispanics. We look at an issue as old as democracy. Could it be decisive in this year’s presidential election?

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