Interesting Chart on the Use of the Term “Voter Fraud” Over Time

Via LeoT of Daily Kos:


In an email, LeoT asks: “It seems curious that the approach to preventing ‘voter fraud’ taken by certain legislators is to require ID from all voters. But, for voter fraud to be the least bit effective requires coordination, right?So, wouldn’t a cheaper, and less discriminatory approach, be to target the creation of this kind of conspiracy? Say, by incentivizing people to blow the whistle? Providing a $50k-$100k award, along with immunity, for anyone whose report of participation in voter fraud leads to a conviction seems that it would make the kind of widespread coordination required for voter fraud utterly impossible. Especially if multi-language posters were prominently mounted at polling locations notifying voters of the reward and its terms. Why do you suppose this kind of approach hasn’t been proposed?”

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