ELJ 10:4, Special Issue on Nonprofits and Politics, Now Available; Preview of 11:1

The new issue of Election Law Journal (10:4) is now available.  It includes Rick Hasen’s article on the Supreme Court’s 2001-2010 election law cases, as well as a series of articles on nonprofit political activities after Citizens United guest co-edited by Lloyd Mayer, with articles by Richard Briffault, Ellen Aprill, Lloyd Mayer, Donald Tobin, and Nancy McGlamery & Rosemary Fei. This issue also includes book reviews by Alex Keyssar, Ned Foley, and Mike Pitts. The table of contents is below and subscribers can access the current issue here.

The next issue of ELJ (11:1) will feature articles by Michael Malbin, Peter Brusoe & Brendan Glavin, Patrick Schmidt & Taren Kingser; Stephen Goggin, Michael Byrne & Juan Gilbert; Jessica Link, Martha Kropf, Mark Alexander Hirsch, Flora Hammond, Jason Karlawish, Lisa Schur, Douglas Kruse & Christine S. Davis; and Ron Johnson & Charles Pattie.  It will also include a forum on voter ID with opposing perspectives from Hans von Spakovsky and Justin Levitt, and book reviews by Sylvia Lazos and Caroline Morris.

ELJ 10:4 — Table of Contents

The Party Line: A Decade of Election Law, by Daniel P. Tokaji & Paul Gronke


The Supreme Court’s Shrinking Election Law Docket, 2001–2010, by Richard L. Hasen

Featured Topic — Shadows & Light: Nonprofits and Politics in a Post-Citizens United World

Introduction to Shadows and Light: Nonprofits and Politics in a Post-Citizens United World, by Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer

Nonprofits and Disclosure in the Wake of Citizens United, Richard Briffault

Regulating the Political Speech of Noncharitable Exempt Organizations after Citizens United, by Ellen P. Aprill

Charities and Lobbying: Institutional Rights in the Wake of Citizens United, by Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer

Campaign Disclosure and Tax-Exempt Entities: A Quick Repair to the Regulatory Plumbing, by
Donald B. Tobin

Taxation with Reservations: Taxing Nonprofit Political Expenditures After Citizens United, by Nancy E. McGlamery & Rosemary E. Fei

Book Reviews

How Americans Vote, by Alex Keyssar, reviewing Alec Ewald’s The Way We Vote

A Tale of Two Teams, by Edward B. Foley, reviewing Jay Weiner’s This Is Not Florida: How Al Franken Won the Minnesota Senate Recount

Michael J. Pitts, Redistricting 101, reviewing Charles Bullock’s Redistricting: The Most Political Activity in America

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