More Unsubstantiated Voter Fraud Charges from Artur Davis

He tells the Daily Caller: “What I have seen in my state, in my region, is the the most aggressive practitioners of voter-fraud are local machines who are tied lock, stock and barrel to the special interests in their communities — the landfills, the casino operators — and they’re cooking the [ballot] boxes on election day, they’re manufacturing absentee ballots, they’re voting [in the names of] people named Donald Duck, because they want to control politics and thwart progress.”

Let’s see some proof, or at least some names, Mr. Davis, as to voter fraud actually happening today in significant numbers aside from absentee voter fraud, which is the main source of voter fraud but one about which voter identification laws do nothing.

In fact, I’d like to see proof of a single vote in his region of someone voting in the name of “Donald Duck” (not to mention proof that doing so will allow “them” to “control politics and thwart progress”).

Embarrassing.  He now joins the ranks of the Fraudulent Fraud Squad.

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