ELJ 10:3 Now Available; Preview of 10:4

The new issue of Election Law Journal (10:3) is now available at this link. The table of contents appears below.

The next issue of ELJ (10:4) will feature five articles on nonprofit political activities after Citizens United, guest co-edited by Lloyd Mayer, with contributions from Richard Briffault, Ellen Aprill, Lloyd himself, Donald Tobin, and Nancy McGlamery & Rosemary Fei. It will also include Rick Hasen’s article on the Supreme Court’s election law docket from 2001-10, and book reviews by Alex Keyssar, Ned Foley, and Mike Pitts.

ELJ 10:3 – Table of Contents

The Party Line: Looking Backward and Forward, by Daniel P. Tokaji and Paul Gronke


How Fair Can Be Faster: The Lessons of Coleman v. Franken, by Edward B. Foley

Convenience Voting Can Affect Election Outcomes, by Marc Meredith and Neil Malhotra

The Very Partisan Nonpartisan Top-Two Primary: Understanding What Voters Don’t Understand, by Mathew Manweller

After the GAO Report: What Do We Know About Public Election Funding?, by Michael G. Miller


GAO Response to “After the GAO Report: What Do We Know About Public Election Funding?”  by William O. Jenkins, Jeff Tessin, and Anna Maria Ortiz

Forum: Non-Precinct Voting

Adding Up the Costs and Benefits of Voting by Mail, by Charles Stewart

Non-Precinct Place Voting and Election Administration, by Douglas Chapin

Voting at Non-Precinct Polling Places: A Review and Research Agenda,  by Robert M. Stein and Greg Vonnahme


Redistricting Developments of the Last Decade—and What’s on the Table in This One, by Michael P. McDonald

Book Review

Voter Fraud in the United States: Real or Imagined?, by Susan D. Hyde, reviewing Lori Minnite’s The Myth of Voter Fraud

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