Election Law Journal 10:2, Special Issue on Absentee and Early Voting, Now Available; Preview of 10:3

The new issue of Election Law Journal is now out.  The featured topic is “Time Shifting the Vote: The Quiet Revolution in American Elections,” a series of articles on absentee and early voting.  The contributors are Mike Alvarez, Thad Hall, Ines Levin & Charles Stewart; Barry Burden, David Canon, Kenneth Mayer & Donald MoynihanTrey Hood & Charles Bullock; Elizabeth Bergman & Philip Yates; and Ned Foley.  

The new issue also includes Richard Esenberg’s preview of McComish v. Bennett, the Arizona public financing case pending before the Supreme Court, as well as book reviews by Ray LaRaja, Doug Chapin, and Louis DeSipio   You can find a list of articles, with links to PDFs for electronic subscribers, here.  

The next issue of ELJ (10:3) will feature articles by Ned Foley on lessons from the Minnesota recount, Marc Meredith and Neil Maholtra on convenience voting, and Matt Manweller on the top-two primary.   It also includes Michael Miller’s article on the GAO public financing report with a response from the GAO, as well as a forum on nonprecinct voting with contributions by Charles Stewart, Doug Chapin, and Bob Stein & Greg Vonnahme.  Mike McDonald has an essay on redistricting developments, and Susan Hyde reviews Lori Minnite’s book on voting fraud.

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