State of Washington Beats Jim Bopp Twice in One Day

I earlier posted about the Supreme Court’s denial of a stay in the Family PAC case. Now the Ninth Circuit has issued this 74-page opinion upholding provisions of Washington State’s disclosure law against First Amendment challenge. The case was not posted at the usual time of day for 9th Circuit postings, and it is is in typescript form. That’s usually done for opinions issued on an expedited basis. I don’t know if there was a request to expedite this case, but it was argued in May.
(Judge Wardlaw is the author of the opinion. She’s also the author of the Long Beach case striking down Long Beach’s law limiting contributions to independent expenditure committees, and she’s one of the judges on the Ninth Circuit panel deciding the Thalheimer challenge to the San Diego campaign finance law—Jim and I argued on opposite sides of that case last week. Coincidentally, Judge Fletcher, who is also on the Thalheimer panel, was one of the judges on the Ninth Circuit granting Washington’s stay request in the Family PAC case.)

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